detroit® dd5™


The Detroit® DD5™ is purpose-built to keep you moving. Innovative variable cam phasing technology means fewer regens. A fuel-efficient design makes the most of every gallon. Our Virtual Technician remote diagnostic system streamlines maintenance decisions. The result? A 4-cylinder engine that gives you more time on the road, and plenty of power to do more.

The DD5 is the most technologically advanced mid-range engine available in its market. Its features include:

  • Proprietary variable cam-phasing technology that reduces or eliminates regens for efficient aftertreatment system performance. Variable cam phasing keeps your aftertreatment system at the right temperatures during low-speed operation. That means fewer (or no) parked regens—and more time on the road.
  • The DD5 also has a smart, fuel-efficient design that makes the most of every gallon and lightens the load on the aftertreatment system.
  • Its advanced common rail fuel system optimizes each injection event to minimize fuel consumption.
  • A variable-speed fan and advanced cooling system providing shorter fan-on times for increased fuel efficiency.
  • Simple, fixed-geometry, dual-stage turbo for performance, efficiency and reliability.
  • An optional high-performance integrated engine brake.
  • A B10 life of 400,000 miles.
  • The Detroit Connect Virtual Technician℠ remote diagnostic system to maximize uptime.
  • Forward-thinking design meets 2021 Greenhouse Gas (GHG21) and 2019 OBD (OBD19) compliance.